Merry hi!

I’m Ashleen O’Gaea –I pronounce it oh-jee-uh, by the way –and this is my cat Hal.  He’s an 11-year-old big lovey-head; I’m an author, editor, consultant, and a Wiccan priestess.

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What’s New

I’ll be at TAWN’s Spring Fest (Saturday, 9 March 2013) and offering discounts on books and crafts to people who bring coupons –

which you can find here or on my Facebook pages (O’Gaea the Writer and PENtagram Consulting).

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I’ll also be at the Festival of Books (on the UA Mall in Tucson) on Sunday, 10 March 2013, at the Gecko Gals booth. Come by and see us!


What else is new?

The Broken Oath, my latest book and fourth in the Bliss Harper/Coyote Song Coven series, is available now on Amazon (and from me at book events).

Upon initiation, a witch commands her tools to turn against her if she breaks her oath. If she is true, she never breaks her oath; if she is wise, she never forgets that there will be consequences if she does. But not all witches are true or wise.

With her former and current high priests, and her mother’s ghost, priestess Bliss Harper witnesses what happens when another witch breaks her oath.